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Bedtime for Me Personalized Lullaby Music CD

We'll record Any Name Pronunciation when you order this Friendly Songs Custom Name CD! Now even children with unique and very unusual names can have personalized CDs with their name sung in the songs.

Only the child's first name can be recorded. Some double names like "MarySue" can be recorded but can sometimes be difficult if the total number of syllables is more than five. The music is not composed in such a way as to accept two separate children's names (twins or otherwise). The music lyrics refer to one child and two names, for two children, wouldn't make sense in the music. Please do not ask us to do more than one child's name in the music.

The Bedtime For Me Lullaby Collection of music was crafted to help your child wind down with their fun bedtime bath and then lull them to sleep.

Your child will begin to get drowsy as they listen to songs personalized just for them.

Even though this Lullaby Collection was created specifically for mothers of infants and babies, the soothing music is easily enjoyed by older children and adults.

Other Details

Number of Tracks:
There are 8 personalized tracks in this CD and 3 non-personalized transitional tracks.
Album Length:
28 min total run-time
Total Name Mentions:
33 Personalized Name Mentions
0:30 min - 0 Name Mentions
Yellow Rubber Ducky:
3:05 min - 3 Name Mentions
Time To Snuggle:
0:30 min - 0 Name Mentions
Dream Again:
4:38 min - 8 Name Mentions
Day Gone By:
0:30 min - 0 Name Mentions
Man In The Moon:
3:40 min - 3 Name Mentions
Sing You A Lullaby:
3:14 min - 4 Name Mentions
Twinkle Stars:
2:44 min - 1 Name Mention
Say Goodnight:
1:59 min - 3 Name Mentions
3:35 min - 5 Name Mentions
3:33 min - 6 Name Mentions
This Music Collection is Copyrighted, Produced and Distributed by Personalized Kid Music Division and is sub-licensed to the Friendly Songs Music Division. Both companies are divisions of KMConsolidated LLC. All Rights are Reserved.
Audio Samples:
The quality of the audio here on the website has been decreased so that your download time is quicker. The actual Kid Music CD that you will receive is created with only the highest quality audio standards.
The Personalized Music CDs are shipped via the method you choose during check out. Please view our Shipping Policies in detail.
Please review our Returns Policy for more information regarding corrections, cancellations, returns or replacements.
CD Label:
The CD label will include your child's name and message as you've entered it on the order form. The pronunciation will not show up on the label but will be used to make sure we get the right pronunciation, regardless of your child's name spelling.
Name Availability:
Our CDs can be recorded using ANY name

Warranty Information

Our products are warrantied to be made correctly per your order information. Please confirm your order information before completing your order. If you should find that something is incorrect please contact us to have it corrected before your order is shipped.

For more details about our policies regarding Shipping, Replacements, Returns, etc. please use the Frequently Asked Questions link above.

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  • CUSTOM NAME - Bedtime for Me Personalized Lullaby Music CD

Custom Bedtime for Me


Custom Name Message Center

Please Call (504) 517-6132 Now!

The Studio Message Center will allow you to tell us how the name sounds so that our singers can duplicate the pronunciation. We can not record a custom name without you doing this step and failure to call in will delay our ability to process your Custom Name order quickly.

* If you do not complete your order for a custom name then this voice mail message will automatically be deleted.

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